Manage your Blockchain network

Manage your Blockchain network simply, quickly and securely with BlockchainLab.


Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular, but creating and managing a blockchain network can take time and effort

Not only is it challenging to manage a Blockchain network, but it can also be time-consuming and expensive. BlockchainLab was created to solve these problems. We offer an easy-to-use platform that makes creating and managing a Blockchain network quick and easy. Don't worry about your data: the BlockchainLab platform is safe and reliable.

Plug & Play

The BlockchainLab platform saves you time by offering all the initial infrastructure for creating your blockchain network and deferring all the investment in the network, infrastructure, and licensing, which otherwise would take at least six months from the project to a ready solution.

No Lock-in

There are no egress barriers for your BlockchainLab-hosted network. Therefore, when the time is suitable for the initiative, the migration to other computing infrastructures will not be traumatic or costly.


With BlockchainLab, you can choose your infrastructure's desired location and your network's initial computing capacity. You can always customize it to meet all your demands.


We offer a solution with the best security practices. So, put the worry aside when setting up your blockchain network. With BlockchainLab, you can direct your focus 100% to your business.

API/API Gateway

Integrate your ecosystem with BlockchainLab using Rest API. Automate your CI/CD pipeline and secure your Blockchain applications using our API-Gateway as a Service, ensuring additional protection and security for your application resources.

Cloud Native

100% Cloud Native, scale your network horizontally as your business grows. Increase the work capacity only for the necessary services and improve your capabilities with predictable costs.

SaaS Model

Ensure the evolution of your business without investing time in the technological development of infrastructure: we take care of this for you. Transform CAPEX into OPEX and reduce your operating costs.

Premium Support Plans

Hire the support service that best suits your time and size, knowing that your upfront costs won't be restrictive. Scale with MVP support to 24x7 production.








[The initial costs for developing an Enterprise Blockchain network can reach 60%!]

The initial costs with teams, projects, and licensing can reach 60% of the total of a Blockchain initiative. Of these resources, a large part goes for the infrastructure and technical foundations, both necessary but only partially perceived as value by the customers in the final product. In addition, the time between hiring, staffing, staff qualification, or even the cost of a specialized workforce can take 3 to 6 months.

With BlockchainLab, you transform your initial investment into 0 and redirect your resources to applications with better experience and quality, accelerating your Go-To-Market!

40% - Transform CAPEX into OPEX

Reduce your machine and equipment costs and use our infrastructure as a service without purchasing or licensing software. The cost reduction can reach 20% of the total project by maintaining the pay-as-you-go model.

Get the best network monitoring without investing in equipment or software. Instead, pay only for what adds value to your business.

Grow in your time and under your conditions!

With BlockchainLab, you can access the same technology and security available to big "players" without making high initial investments.

Our plans are designed to support startups and companies that need to scale their initiative quickly and safely. So talk to our commercial area and see what you need each moment of your journey.

Global Security and Support

We use several active monitoring technologies such as Sentinel, anti-DDoS protection, Layer 3-7 Firewall, Web Application Firewall, and API Gateway that are often only available to large corporations to protect your entire journey. Ensure encryption of your data in transit or at rest with multi-layered isolation.

See which support plan best suits your company's moment, from Standard to Premium 24x7.