Strategic partners

From our earliest days, we have recognized the value of joining forces with industry leaders. As a result, our ecosystem of partners includes the world's leading cloud providers, leading tech companies, and much more to deliver our customers the best solutions.

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Create, deploy and manage your Blockchain Network

Check out everything BlockchainLab offers for you to build and scale your blockchain solutions. Simple, Reliable, and Scalable!


Plug & Play

The BlockchainLab platform saves time by offering all the initial infrastructure for creating your blockchain network and deferring all the investment in the network, infrastructure, and licensing, which would take about six months from the project to a ready-to-use solution.


No Lock-in

There are no egress barriers for your BlockchainLab-hosted network. Therefore, when the time is suitable for the initiative, the migration to other computing infrastructures will not be traumatic or costly.



With BlockchainLab, you can choose your infrastructure's desired location and your network's initial computing capacity. You can always customize it to meet all your demands.



We offer a solution with the best security practices. So, put the worry aside when setting up your blockchain network. With BlockchainLab, you can direct your focus 100% to your business.


What do they say about us

From the inception of your idea to a complete MVP solution, BlockchainLab offers the right package of services to meet your needs at any point in your journey to market. Furthermore, BlockchainLab's versatility makes it applicable to various use cases and contexts.


BBChain is the only one on Gartner's list of the best blockchain companies in Latin America

The Brazilian startup BBChain, which specializes in blockchain solutions, is the only company in Latin America on the 2020 list of the best in the sector worldwide...


BBChain: viability of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technology in the health ecosystem of the state of São Paulo

The platform will facilitate integration through APIs with legacy and innovative health  systems...


Pitang buys a stake in BBChain and expands blockchain development in Brazil

Software developer Pitang Agile IT has purchased a stake in a research firm...


Fohat eTech Global needed to develop a blockchain network to be part of the eXmarket platform that would support transaction demand using best practices in blockchain.


...we divided the project into two work streams that ran in parallel, bringing agility and speed between the BBChain and Fohat eTech Global teams in the pursuit of the expected results. In total, it took us only three weeks to deploy the MVP.


The time required from design to network assembly and maintenance was reduced from months to weeks with a 60% cost reduction.


Optimize marketing and strategic management by aligning the commercial execution of commodity buying and selling with the business strategy.


...the availability of a platform that enables participants to define the commercialization strategy integrated to a marketplace, connecting those who want to sell with those who want to buy, paperless, 100% digital with transparency and traceability...


"Using the platform the negotiation and closing process can be done in minutes, the entire signing and formalization process has been digitized and all transactions are recorded on the Blockchain ensuring immutability, traceability and security for all participants."


Scale your Blockchain Network in your own time

No matter your business needs, we have the perfect pricing plan to match them. So choose the plan that best suits your needs and increase service and support levels as your consortium grows.




Start your project quickly. It is simple

PoC and development environments

  • Checkmark 1 Notary 2vCPU
  • Checkmark 1 Node de 2vCPU
  • Checkmark 1 CENM de 2vCPU
  • Checkmark Corda/HyperLedger Open Source
  • Checkmark Scale your Components with 1Click
  • Checkmark Documentation
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High complexity projects and high availability environments

Ensure High Availability, DR, and global resilience for your Blockchain Network to scale

  • 1 Notary 4vCPUs-8vCPUs 1 Notary 4vCPUs-8vCPUs
  • 1 Nodes 4vCPUs-6vCPUs 1 CENM 4vCPUs-8vCPUs
  • 1 Node 4vCPUs-6vCPUs 1 Node 4vCPUs-8vCPUs
  • Checkmark Corda Enterprise /HyperLedger
  • Checkmark Scale your Components with 1Click
  • Checkmark Full API support
  • Checkmark DR Multi Region

What our customers are saying

"Pitang is a great partner and customer of BBChain. We feel privileged to work with them and build the value internet together."

"Reduced costs and time to integrate the Corda network solution into our eXmarket platform, which allowed us to fulfill key steps in our product development pipeline."

"Through the concept of Blockchain as a Service it is possible to have the expertise of several specialists in building blockchain networks and solutions that meet the needs of the business, with specialized support and a fair price where we pay only for what we use."


Need help?

What is BlockchainLab?

BlockchainLab is a complete SaaS Platform for creating and managing your Blockchain network. With BlockchainLab, you will be able to create blockchain networks on leading technologies and manage your network participants, including their permissions and smart contracts.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. Our model works with plans that deliver specific features. So you can start your network with a Starter plan, for example, and a Standard support plan, and later create a Business network and request migration via support.

Your Starter network can even become your homologation/UAT network if you don't already have one.

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